Commando Party


We bring the fun to your home or venue.

Birthday Party Package $20 per person

(min 10 children even if less attend) Extra guests $20 ea



- 90 minute party plus setup and pack up

-  we bring everything including products and table

-  Party Co-ordinator

-  Make two projects:

-  BB Gun, Lava Lamp, Rocket Missile or Green Goo!

- Party Game: Time Bomb Grenade Hot Potato

- Lucky Dip Prizes for every guest



 - BB Gun:

make your own BB Gun and includes Shootout Target Gallery and BB Bullets, protective eyewear supplied.

 - Lava Lamp:

Blue or Green with air bubbles 

 - Rocket Missile:

 create your own rocket and then shoot it up to 10 mtrs high into the air, 

 - Green Goo:

Choose blue or green goo! Includes packaging to take home.



nerf war party Auckland
nerf war party Auckland
Nerf War party Auckland
nerf war party auckland

Lava Lamp; make your own blue or green lamp with air bubbles

Mess Tent Option: extra $150. Fully decorated and Camo Themed. Includes hour set up and pack up after party. Please allow 3 x 3 metres. Only suitable on a fine day with no winds.

nerf war party Auckland

Party Game: Time Bomb Grenade

& Two Way Walkie Talkie


Make your own BB Gun then Shootout Target Gallery & Protective Eyewear.

nerf war party Auckland

Green Goo:  "Looks like T Rex snot", 

said my son!

Create your own Rocket Missile then fire it up into the air at least 5 metres

nerf war party Auckland

Commado Party Co-ordinator

Camo Face Paint