• To confirm a booking a $100 deposit payment is to be made via internet banking.

  • LOCKDOWN! If deposit is paid and we go into lockdown during the date of your party your deposit will transferred to a later date after lockdown. Postponed date to be confirmed by phone call or email.

  • Full payment must be made the day before booking date via internet banking or cash on the day

  • Bad Weather Options:

  • We pause play for slight, passing showers and have water break & snacks

  • If play is paused for more than 5 mins we will extend extra mins to make up for shower.

  • If the weather is continual downpour of heavy rain & not suitable outdoors you can opt for Plan B.

  • Commando Party indoors. Please let me know by 9.30am day of party. The other option is to cancel.

  • Cancellation Policy:

  • A party can be cancelled ON THE DAY of Party Date due to heavy rain with continual downpours and deposit will be refunded, but if only occassional 5 minute, light showers or drizzel, play will be extended, if needed, to allow for extra time for play paused during a passing shower.

  • A deposit will be refunded if a party is cancelled more than 4 weeks prior to Party Date Booked but a refund deposit will not be issued if cancelled less than 4 weeks prior to Party Date Booked.


We can come to your home or local park/playground. If you wish to book a particular venue this can be done separately to our booking.

·         Every player is responsible to keep him/herself safe, we provide protective eyewear for all players to use. We are not responsible for any injury sustained by a player during game time. Each player is to care of his/her own Nerf Gun.

·         If damage occurs to any hired NERF gun due to lack of care of gun or equipment we reserve the right to invoice/charge the cost of replacing the item due to deliberate misuse of equipment that results in partial or full damage of such items.

·          If a player, brings their own, (BYO) Nerf gun, if any damage occurs we are not responsible to replace the item.

·         Recommended minimum age of participants is 8. However, younger participants are welcome.

·         No age restriction, adults welcome!

·         Number of players is 10 (minimum) and maximum (20) number of players per session booked.

·         Prior to session booked, please arrive at the pre-arranged location about 20 minutes early before game time.

·         It is recommended that players wear shoes to prevent foot injuries.

·         Please follow instructions from operator for game and safety rules.

·         Please respect other players and their property, including our equipment.

·         If any player does not follow the rules, we reserve the right to stand them down for a period of time from game play.

·         Please provide an Adult supervisor for players 16 years of age and under.