1. CAPTURE THE FLAG. . The idea is two teams compete to capture each other’s “flag” from their enemies’ base.  You only get one life, if you get shot you are out of the game. Each team has a base in which they keep/defend their flag. The idea is at least one team member stays at the base to keep people from stealing their flag and at least one team member goes out to try and capture the other team’s flag. The first team to capture the flag and take it back to their base without getting shot, wins one point. Best out of three games is the winning team.  This game leads to massive base invasions.


2. V.I.P./ASSASSIN.  A quick game. In this example, it is played with nine people. You need about four at the least. The birthday boy/girl is the V.I.P, he/she is armed with a pistol or a low-ammo sidearm, and has no lives. Fittingly, the game revolves around him/her. VIP has to make a “journey” to a “safe zone” without getting killed.  Three people are his/her bodyguards. They are free to choose a good weapon, and have no lives. Their role is to take the hits and keep the V.I.P alive so he/she can complete his journey to the “safe zone”. The other players are assassins. They have no lives and are armed. They have to take out the V.I.P. before he/she reaches the “safe zone”. .


3. TEAM DEATHMATCH. Split into even teams. Each team starts at their base and have no lives. The team that takes out all their enemies is the winning team.\


4. TIME BOMB. In the middle of the battleground there is a command post with a BOMB. The mission is to take hold of the base and retrieve the BOMB and head over to the enemy base. No lives. If a player is shot the BOMB is dropped and you are out of the game. First team to place BOMB at enemy base wins.


If we have time: 


5. RESCUE HOSTAGES. This is great fun, and about as close to a real military situation as you can get in a NERF war. Can be a long game and good for lots of players. You form two equal teams of at least four people. Each team makes a base. In the base, they keep ammo and guns. If you are shot you are taken hostage to the enemy base. Hostages must stay at enemy base until they are rescued by their team mate when touched. The idea is to take as many hostages as possible from the opposing team. Secret little tip: a good plan is to leave about a fifth of your men at base (for defense), and the rest do a HUGE storm on the opposing team’s base to rescue hostages. Guaranteed to overwhelm your enemy.


6. COMMAND POSTS. Two teams are given five matching team flags. Within the facility there is four Command Posts. Mission is to capture each command post, then hoist your team flag up and count to ten backwards. No lives, if shot you’re out. The team who has the most flags at each command post the end of the time limit wins.


7. HUMANS VS TROLLS.  Need at least fifteen players. One or two people start off as the “TROLLS”. He/she has no guns. If he/she is shot, he/she must go back touch the TROLLS BASE to continue play.  The rest are HUMANS. They start at the complete opposite end of the battleground to the TROLLS. If they are tagged ( or touched) by a TROLL, they become one. The game lasts until a HUMAN is left.  



8. FREE FOR ALL (no teams). Many variations:


8.1: One on one. INDOORS Any weapons, but don’t have one person with hugely superior weapons to the other. No lives. Lots of alliances and betrayals in this game. I love how it forces you to fend for yourself. Tip: Don’t trust anyone. EVER!

 Last man standing is the winner!

8.2: One on one: OUTDOORS. A bit different to it’s indoor version, mainly for location, but also because it’s a completely different feel: in indoor, you are hyped and energetic, whereas in outdoor you feel nervous and are suspicious of every corner. No Lives. Lots of alliances and betrayals in this game. I love how it forces you to fend for yourself. Tip: Don’t trust anyone. EVER.  

Tip: Pick up your ammo when you’re not engaged in combat.

8.3: Rogun Marker. Every player gets a coloured sash marker. No lives. When you hit your opponent you take their sash and put it ontop of yours. At the end of set time limit the person with the most sashes wins.

8.4: Hit List. Everyone gets a piece of paper and a pen. Each player makes a list of all the other players names in any particular order. The mission is to take out each name on the Hit List, one at a time, if shot the target is removed and out of the game, but each target must be removed in order. If the player is already dead, go to the next name on the list.